Old Park Meadow Natural Burial Site is located in a tranquil setting to the North of Chelmsford, on the Dunmow Road (B1008) between Chelmsford and Great Dunmow, (behind the Butchers Arms Pub) consisting of 34 acres of wildflower meadows and young woodland.

The land was previously used for crops; these were harvested, and the fields then planted extensively with grasses, wildflowers and trees. As time passes, we will continue planting and growing flowers, trees and meadows to create a natural environment for green and woodland burials in a beautiful Essex landscape. In developing Old Park Meadow, we have endeavoured to ensure our meadows, woodlands and remembrance garden are as colourful, engaging and enjoyable as possible all year round, while making certain that our site meets our objective to become a natural haven for plants and wildlife.

As much as we describe it, the best way to appreciate our stunning site is to see it for yourself. Please click here for our address and directions.

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Funeral Services at Old Park Lodge

Old Park Lodge is a beautiful building created from larch and glass, designed especially for services, functions and events. The Lodge can host over 200 people and includes a large reception area for greetings and goodbyes. When the sun is shining, we can open the large folding doors to bring the outside, inside and allow the beauty of the meadows and woodlands to be enjoyed by all during this time of celebration, commemoration and contemplation.

To find out more about Old Park Lodge and the services it can provide click here.

Natural Burials and Interments

The burials and ash interments at Old Park Meadow take place in our natural woodlands and meadows. On natural burial sites, over time the graves become part of the landscape, enabling trees and plants to grow and creating a living memorial to those who lie there. There are no headstones or statues in our meadows and woodlands, unlike in a usual cemetery, leaving nothing that is non-biodegradable to fall into disrepair. We fully understand that some families wish to mark the grave and offer wooden grave markers that can be organised through Old Park Meadow and placed on a burial or ash interment plot.  Slate tablets supplied by Old Park Meadow can be engraved and placed in our oak memorial frame or on one of our oak posts. Click here to find out more about our wooden grave markers, slate tablets and other memorials available at Old Park Meadow Natural Burial Ground.