Engraved Slate Memorial Plaques

We offer engraved slate memorial plaques which provide a beautiful and respectful reminder for family and friends without harming the environment or burial site. These come in the form of beautifully engraved grey slate tablets, which are entirely maintenance free, so will never fall into disrepair. The plaques are either 30cm long, 6.5cm tall and 2cm thick and once engraved can be placed in our memorial frame or 18cm long, 11cm tall and 2cm thick attached to one of our oak posts. Our prices include the plaque and engraving; placement will take place within 16 weeks after the design has been approved. Please see below for prices or contact us for more details.

Memorial Plaques for Benches

Throughout Old Park Meadow, there are several areas that have been carefully selected for the placing of simple teak benches. Visitors can sit, rest and reflect, making these benches an ideal location to place a memorial plaque, alongside plaques from other families who have laid their loved ones to rest. Each plaque will consist of a name and dates, and you can place it on the bench of your choice.  Placement will take place within 16 weeks after the design has been approved.  Please see below for prices or contact us for more details.

Engraved Copper Memorial Tree

For something truly unique, we offer the opportunity to have a leaf on our stunning copper sculpture engraved. We have had the sculpture purpose built to fit elegantly alongside its living counterparts, and in this way it brings our environmental ethos to memorial plaques too. You can have a leaf engraved with a name and dates.  Placement will take place within 16 weeks after the design has been approved.  Please see below for prices or contact us for more details.

Wooden Grave Marker

In order to easily find a burial or ash interment plot, you may want to have a small, 5.5″ x 5.5″ square wooden marker placed on the grave. These markers can’t be seen from a distance and provide a subtle, unobtrusive way of marking out a loved one’s small spot of nature.  Placement will take place within 16 weeks after the design has been approved.  Please see below for prices or contact us for more details.

Slate Memorial Bench Memorial Engraved Leaf on Copper Memorial Tree Wooden Grave Marker
£370 £245 £385 £135
Renewable 15 year term Renewable 5 year term For the life of the Tree Renewable 5 year term

Living Memorials

Sponsor a tree:

Sponsoring a tree can be a fitting tribute for your loved one, and can become a landmark for your visits to Old Park Meadow. We will plant memorial trees every autumn, as this is the best time for planting.

Because of the living nature of Old Park Meadow, unfortunately, all of our living memorial options are subject to availability. Please speak to our team who will do their best to accommodate your chosen memorial.

Any planted native British memorial trees from our list will be guaranteed for 5 years, during which time any failing trees will be replaced. All trees will be maintained in accordance with good arboricultural practice.

Please see below for prices or contact us for more details.

Sponsor a wildlife box:

Old Park Meadow is home to a wide range of local wildlife or fauna, and we are constantly trying to improve the habitat we provide for them. Habitat boxes are available to sponsor in memory of your loved one. We offer habitat boxes for a variety of wildlife, depending on the area in which they are to be placed. Some examples include habitats for birds, bats, butterflies, bees and ladybirds, just to name a few. Sponsorship of a wildlife box includes the cost of the box for its lifetime, providing a habitat for a guaranteed minimum of three years. Please speak to our staff to find out more about the types of habitats available for sponsorships and the wildlife they protect. Please see below for prices or contact us for more details.

Tree Sponsorship Barn Owl Box Bird Box Bat Box Hedgehog Box
 £360  £155  £90  £90  £90

Service of Remembrance/Anniversary Service or Funeral:

Old Park Lodge provides a peaceful setting for a special gathering of friends and family for a private celebration of life. If you wish to celebrate an anniversary or hold a special remembrance service following the initial committal we can offer you exclusive use of Old Park Lodge for as long as you require, with catering options also available. Please contact us for more details.

Book of Remembrance

An entry in our Book of Remembrance provides families and friends with a lasting memorial of their loved one. Your entry can be either two, five or eight lines and illustrated with a motif if desired. Each entry is created by hand and offers an opportunity to pay a final tribute to loved ones. The date of inscription into the Book of Remembrance is a personal choice; it can be the day of the final goodbye or perhaps another date that holds a particular significance to your family, such as an anniversary or birthday. The Book of Remembrance entries are sent away at different times of the year to be inscribed. Please see prices below or contact us for further information.

2 Lines 5 Lines 8 Lines Additional Motif
£82 £128 £164 £80