Old Park Lodge is a beautiful wood and glass building with huge folding doors that open wide to allow, in time, the beauty of the meadows and woodland to be enjoyed by all. The Lodge is purpose-built for remembrance services where families and friends from all backgrounds can honour the life of a loved one. It is also perfect as an alternative gathering place for greetings and goodbyes before and after a natural burial or cremation, and is ideally suited for a wake.

In designing the Lodge we strove to create a space as light and open as possible to bring the outside, inside. We hope that our venue helps you feel calm, safe and most importantly, peaceful when celebrating and commemorating your loved ones.

For the Funeral Service

Our Lodge has space to hold over 200 people comfortably and is flexibly designed to suit groups of any size. To ensure that the venue feels right we will arrange the room and seating to create a comfortable environment for your service. The Lodge also includes a separate area for gathering prior to and following the service, allowing families, friends and loved ones to come together to say goodbye in a place that is warm and welcoming.  Old Park Lodge has a hearing loop, is easily accessible for wheelchair users and has catering facilities and staff areas.

Old Park Lodge offers the following facilities and more to ensure everything you require is provided for:

  • Hearing loop installed
  • Easy access for wheelchair users
  • Excellent acoustics with a quality audio system including external speakers.
  • Catering facilities
  • Refreshments
  • Air conditioning

Old Park Lodge is also available for wakes and functions. Please speak to or contact our team to find out more.