The Ceremony You Want, Whatever Your Beliefs

A religious, secular or humanist funeral? It is completely your choice. We have a beautiful Lodge for funeral services and wakes which is open to people of all beliefs for both burial and before or after a cremation. The service or celebration is entirely up to the individual. We are proud to be able to offer services that can cater to any need, so whatever your request is, we will do everything we can to make it a reality.

People from a variety of backgrounds find that a natural burial ground can be a peaceful, healing place to be and a fitting final resting place.

Not Local? No Problem

For us, ensuring anyone can choose a sustainable and beautiful burial is more important than anything, regardless of where you’re from. Unlike many other natural burial grounds, who may add hundreds of pounds, we don’t charge anything extra if you don’t reside in the local area.

Furthermore, if your journey to us is a little longer than most, you can easily choose a time of day that suits you. We have very few time restraints, and can almost always accommodate services or wakes at the time most convenient to you.