To ease the burden on their loved ones after passing, more and more people are reserving their burial plots in advance. This gives your family one less thing to worry about after you have gone, but there are many other reasons to do this as well.

First of all, it confirms through reservation the area where you want to be laid to rest. Whether it is in our Bluebell Wood; among the wildflowers; close to Old Park Lodge so family do not have to walk too far; or deeper into the meadows away from everything else, the best way to get the perfect spot is to book in advance. If you leave it later there is a possibility the area you want will be taken, although we would argue there are beautiful spots all over the site!

The next thing to consider is the potential rise in prices in the future. While early on we are committed to keeping our prices consistent, inevitably this will change in the future. To make sure you have a spot at as low a price as possible, we advise you to book now. It also means the expense is not left to your loved ones later down the line.

If you would like more advice on how to book a plot in advance, please do not hesitate to contact us, click here for our details.