It is necessary for us to have a few rules to ensure that Old Park Meadow remains a place of natural beauty and is safely maintained as a natural burial ground. It is really important to us to conserve the natural habitat and existing ecosystems of the growing meadows and woodland. Old Park Meadow is managed to protect its long-term health and safety, and any work is carried out in accordance with the guidelines and expert advice of various wildlife programmes, which ensures best horticultural practice. Grass pathways are cut as and when deemed necessary and other areas are cut yearly to allow wildlife habitats to remain undisturbed.

  • We would love you to come along with flowers from your garden, or perhaps from a friend’s garden or a florist. Click here for a list of florists that can create floral tributes especially for woodland and meadow settings and can offer a broad range of beautiful floral displays, posies, wreaths and funeral sprays.
  • No interment is permitted without the appropriate Registrar’s certificate or Coroner’s order for burial. All forms must be received by Old Park Meadow at least two working days before the burial is to take place.
  • The coffin must be made of biodegradable material, from either natural solid wood (no chipboard), cardboard, willow, seagrass, banana leaf, wool or other suitable material and must not be decorated with any oil-based paints. As far as possible the use of preservatives is discouraged. You can find further information on what type of coffins we allow in our FAQs.
  • No gardening of the woodland, meadows or any part of the grounds is permitted, including the picking of wildflowers or fungi. Graves cannot be tended, and we do not permit jam jars, plastic bottles, vases or wooden baskets, etc. Equally, cuddly toys, wood or similar toys, photographs, candles or solar lights are not permitted. In order to protect native species, planting of any kind or scattering of seeds is not permitted.
  • Cut flowers can be laid on graves at the time of the burial and will be collected every Wednesday morning.  Any floral tributes containing oasis or plastic trays will be removed immediately as they pose a threat to wildlife and are not in keeping with our ethos of a natural burial ground. Large arrangements can be taken back to the post-funeral gathering or donated to a local hospital; please do not leave them in the burial ground. Artificial flowers are not permitted, neither are floral tributes with wire, plastic, tape. Cellophane, ribbon and foil must be removed from cut flowers. Old Park Meadow reserve the right to remove flowers as part of the routine care every Wednesday morning.
  • To ensure that Old Park Meadow stays as a Natural Burial Ground, no ornaments, greetings cards, balloons, lanterns, vases or other such items are allowed, and will be removed immediately. Items include edging, fencing, stones, flower pots, stakes, ropes, ties or other such garden items.
  • On-site car parking in designated spaces is provided, but neither Old Park Meadow nor its staff can accept any responsibility for loss or damage, however caused. We provide designated spaces for disabled visitors. This provision is strictly reserved for those vehicles displaying a valid Disabled Badge. All other visitors, please use the general car park. All vehicles, including bicycles, are not permitted beyond the car park.
  • Smoking at Old Meadow Park is only permitted in the car park and we do ask that you please take your cigarette butts away with you.
  • Barbeques are not permitted at Old Park Meadow.
  • Dogs must remain on a short lead at all times. The owner assumes responsibility for cleaning up after their dog, removing any mess from Old Park Meadow and must be respectful of all burial plots.
  • No long term visible markers can be used to mark the grave. Slate tablets supplied by Old Park Meadow can be engraved and placed in one of the memorial frames. Old Park Meadow will discreetly record all graves so that their location can be exactly determined by electronic tags and a mapping system. We also plot all graves on hard copy maps.
  • Please respect other visitors to Old Park Meadow and allow them privacy and ensure that mobile and electronic devices are switched off or set to silent mode.
  • You have total control of the type of service, this can be religious, secular or humanist, but any form of service in Old Park Lodge or graveside ceremony must be dignified.
  • All memorials must be purchased through Old Park Meadow Natural Burial Ground.
  • No exhumations will be permitted under any circumstances except by lawful authority.
  • Refunds are made only in exceptional circumstances and entirely at the discretion of Old Park Meadow Natural Burial Ground. If a refund is approved, generally half of the original registration fee is retained and treated as a donation towards the objectives of Old Park Meadow Natural Burial Ground to establish meadows and woodland.
  • Old Park Meadow Natural Burial Ground are the legal owners of the whole site encompassing all woodland, meadows and Old Park Lodge.
  • When the office is closed, pedestrian access is available out of hours, from dawn to dusk. When no staff are present, the main gates (allowing vehicle entry) will be locked.
  • Old Park Meadow Natural Burial Ground reserve the right to vary the Rules at any time.

The above rules are enforced on a day-to-day basis because we are creating a natural woodland and meadow environment, where graves blend into meadows and woodland leaving only wildflowers to add to the natural beauty. We will remove unauthorised items swiftly for the sake of all who support the cause of Old Park Meadow Natural Burial Ground and for all who visit.