When you arrive at Old Park Meadow, please park in the main car park. Accessible parking for drivers with a valid Blue Badge is available outside Old Park Lodge. Upon parking, make your way to Old Park Lodge, which is clearly signposted where you will find seating and toilet facilities. Our team will be on hand to answer questions and to guide guests towards where the service will be taking place.

Old Park Lodge

If there is a service in Old Park Lodge you will be invited to either precede or follow the coffin into the service area, according to the wishes of the family. There is seating for 200 people, as well as standing room, a hearing loop facility and easy access for wheelchair users.

At the Burial Plot

Once the service is finished, the coffin can be carried out of the glass doors and into the young meadows or woodland. A bier will be waiting to take the coffin to the graveside, followed by mourners. At the graveside, there is usually a short committal ceremony before the coffin is lowered in to its final resting place. If the family wishes allow, you can place flowers at the graveside, but please ensure these include no ribbon, cellophane or any material that is not biodegradable.


Following the burial, guests can then return to Old Park Lodge for the wake or celebration of life. One of our team will stay with the coffin throughout until the grave has been filled. Any flowers accompanying the coffin will be laid on the grave and will remain until the weekly removal time (Wednesday morning) when our team responsible for caring for our graves will remove any old flowers. Please feel free to return to the grave once it has been filled in to arrange the flowers as you would like.

Old Park Meadow is a private natural burial ground for everyone. All visitors are welcome but please try to follow our rules and regulations during your visits, as these really help us to respect those who are laid here and to protect Old Park Meadow, ensuring it remains a place of natural beauty and is maintained as a natural burial ground.