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Welcome to Old Park Meadow

At Old Park Meadow we strive to provide totally clear and up front pricing to help you make an informed decision, often during a difficult time. Below is a full list of our services:

Burial and Ash Plot Pricing

Our prices range from £1,725 to £5,475 for burial plots, or £775 to £2,175 for ash plots, depending on the location and access to the plot. This price includes a contribution for the long-term management and maintenance of Old Park Meadow Natural Burial Ground. We do not offer the scattering of ashes as this can be harmful to the environment we have created. There is also a grave preparation and administration fee, £725 for burials and £255 for ash interments, to ensure the safe and proper preparation and administration of each plot.

Wildflower Meadow
Spring Corner
Bluebell Wood
Waters' View
Burial Plot
Ash Plot

Coffins exceeding 2m / 6’ 6” in length or 65cm / 26” in width will incur a £150.00 surcharge to cover additional grave preparation cost. We also have other prices for unique situations, please contact us for more details.

Child Plot Pricing

Loss of a child up to the age of 18

All burial or ash plot prices for children under the age of 18 are half that of our regular fee. The usual grave preparation and administration fees of £725 for burial and £255 for ash interment apply.

Wildflower Meadow
Spring Corner
Bluebell Wood
Waters' View
Burial Plot
Ash Plot

Loss of baby during pregnancy

There is no charge for burial or ash plots in our Wildflower Meadow for infants lost during pregnancy. Grave preparation and administration prices are half the regular fee, £362.50 for burial and £127.50 for ashes.

Buying in Advance

For a variety of reasons, it may make sense for you to reserve your burial or ash plot ahead of time, at no extra cost. Please contact us for more details.

Old Park Lodge

Old Park Lodge can be hired for:

Funerals, Anniversaries, Celebrations and Services of Remembrance as well as Functions and Events.

The cost of hiring Old Park Lodge for the minimum hire period of one and a half hours is £280. The additional rate thereafter is £140 per hour.

Old Park Lodge provides a peaceful setting for a special gathering of friends and family for a private celebration of life.

If you wish to celebrate an anniversary or hold a special remembrance service following the initial committal, we can offer you exclusive use of Old Park Lodge for as long as you require. You can also book a catering service through us if you would like to have a wake or serve tea and cakes.

We can offer various menus to suit your occasion, please contact us for a more information.


Live Webcast

For those who cannot attend in person, we offer a live webcast service that means friends and family can view the service from their own computer, tablet or smartphone. All they will need is a good internet connection and a username and password for the secure page, which we will provide. This also includes the option to have the webcast available to view online after the funeral for 28 days. This means anyone who did not have the opportunity to watch the funeral at the time can view it afterwards.

If you would like permanent copies of the recording, we can also provide DVDs or USB memory stick versions. These professionally edited and produced recordings can be a memory to keep day or shown to anyone who was not able to see the service for themselves.

Live Webcast & On Demand
Webcast DVD/USB

Visual Tributes:

To give a funeral a more personal feel, we offer the ability to display a single picture shown throughout or slideshow on a high-definition screen during the service.

For the slideshow, up to 25 photos can be displayed either on a loop throughout or changed once at a time of your choosing. There is also the option to have a professional photo tribute created, including music, which can be played at any time during the proceedings.

If you would like to show a video or photo tribute you have created yourself, we can also display this after Obitus has checked and prepared it for you.


Single Photo
Free of charge
Basic Slideshow
Music Photo Tribute
Family Supplied Tribute Checking

Memorials and Other Options

Old Park Meadow is above all a place of remembrance, and we fully understand that you may wish to mark the grave with a reminder of your loved one. To preserve the natural beauty of our site, on the burial and ash plots we only allow wooden grave markers to be placed. However, we have a number of different options for memorials that are each presented in their own unique and individual way. From slate plaques in a beautiful oak frame, or an engraved leaf on our Copper Tree, an entry in our Book of Remembrance to living memorial trees.

Wooden Grave Marker

In order to easily find a burial or ash interment plot, you may want to have a small, 5.5′′ x 5.5′′ square wooden marker placed on the grave. These markers can’t be seen from a distance but provide a subtle, unobtrusive way of marking out a loved one’s small spot of nature.

Engraved Slate Memorial Plaques

We offer engraved slate memorial plaques which provide a beautiful and respectful reminder for family and friends without harming the environment or burial site. These come in the form of beautifully engraved grey slate tablets, which are entirely maintenance free, so will never fall into disrepair. The plaques are either 30cm long, 6.5cm tall and 2cm thick and once engraved can be placed in our memorial frame or 18cm long, 11cm tall and 2cm thick attached to one of our oak posts.

Memorial Plaques for Benches

Throughout Old Park Meadow, there are several areas that have been carefully selected for the placing of simple teak benches. Visitors can sit, rest and reflect, making these benches an ideal location to place a memorial plaque, alongside plaques from other families who have laid their loved ones to rest. Each plaque will consist of a name and dates, and you can place it on the bench of your choice.

Engraved Copper Memorial Tree

For something truly unique, we offer the opportunity to have a leaf on our stunning copper sculpture engraved. We have had the sculpture purpose built to fit elegantly alongside its living counterparts. You can have a leaf engraved with a name and dates, if you wish you can order an additional take home leaf for the cost of £145.

Wooden Grave Marker
Renewable 5 year term
Slate Memorial
Renewable 15 year term
Bench Memorial
Renewable 5 year term
Engraved Leaf on Copper Memorial Tree
For the life of the Tree

Book of Remembrance

An entry in our Book of Remembrance provides families and friends with a lasting memorial of their loved one.

Your entry can be either two, five or eight lines and illustrated with a motif if desired. Each entry is created by hand and offers an opportunity to pay a final tribute to loved ones. The date of inscription into the Book of Remembrance is a personal choice; it can be the day of the final goodbye or perhaps another date that holds a particular significance to your family, such as an anniversary or birthday.

The Book of Remembrance entries are sent away at different times of the year to be inscribed. Please see prices below or contact us for further information.

2 Lines
5 Lines
8 Lines
Additional Motif

Living Memorials – Sponsor a tree

Sponsoring a tree can be a fitting tribute for your loved one, and can become a landmark for your visits to Old Park Meadow. We will plant memorial trees every autumn, as this is the best time for planting. Because of the living nature of Old Park Meadow, unfortunately, all of our living memorial options are subject to availability.

Please speak to our team who will do their best to accommodate your chosen memorial. Any planted native British memorial trees from our list will be guaranteed for 5 years, during which time any failing trees will be replaced. All trees will be maintained in accordance with good arboricultural practice.

Living Memorials – Sponsor a wildlife box

Old Park Meadow is home to a wide range of local wildlife or fauna, and we are constantly trying to improve the habitat we provide for them. Habitat boxes are available to sponsor in memory of your loved one. We offer habitat boxes for a variety of wildlife, depending on the area in which they are to be placed. Some examples include habitats for birds, bats, butterflies, bees and ladybirds, just to name a few.

Sponsorship of a wildlife box includes the cost of the box for its lifetime, providing a habitat for a guaranteed minimum of three years. Please speak to our team to find out more about the types of habitats available for sponsorships and the wildlife they protect. Please see below for prices or contact us for more details.

Tree Sponsorship
Barn Owl Box
Bird Box
Bat Box
Hedgehog Box

Terms and conditions apply

Prices valid from 1st October 2023 to 30th September 2024.

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We are here to help

If you would like to find out more about Old Park Meadow or what we do, get in touch with our team today.


“I can’t say how grateful I am for their love and care – there are no words.  They also run so many events to help keep you stay connected if that’s what you want.  Amazing place with amazing people.  Would give them higher than 5* if could.”


“Sincere thanks to everyone at Old Park Meadow for their outstanding professional and kind support; and for helping us to arrange such a beautiful Celebration of Life for our son. Old Park Meadow is such a beautiful and peaceful place and the staff are wonderful. The service was exactly what we wanted and so many people who were there have told us how impressed they were both with the service and the venue. I would not hesitate to recommend Old Park Meadow to anyone seeking a natural burial for a loved one.”


“Just a few lines to thank you all for your help yesterday. The professional way you approached everything was highly commendable. It made a grim day much brighter.”


“I just wanted to thank you both so much for all your help, kindness and professionalism.  The whole family are so grateful, that with your help we were able to say goodbye to our dad in such a beautiful way. It has helped so much to know that he is laid to rest in a place that he would’ve loved.  I imagine that you both go well beyond your job description! You have helped us through a very stressful and difficult time with such thoughtfulness, consideration and care and I truly thank you so much for making such a sad time, when you can’t think straight, bearable.”


“We would like to thank you for the fantastic service you provided last Tuesday. Everything was perfectly organised and we were especially grateful for being so accommodating. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found your Lodge and the service you offer which was just right for our needs.  We were also blessed with a glorious sunny day! The acoustics and afternoon tea were also great and please pass on our thanks to the caterers.”


“Such a lovely place for Mum’s final resting place. Just what she wanted with a wonderful service, Delyse and all the staff were so understanding.”


“We were very pleased to find Old Park Meadow as a resting place for my mother who wanted a woodland burial. The location is beautiful, and the service room is both beautiful and uplifting. It is very well run and organised. The emphasis here is on natural, and much attention has been given to planting and conservation. The planting is relatively recent, so trees are still young, but will obviously mature over time. Costs were reasonable, and clearly set out. My sisters and I looked at several other natural burial grounds, but this was a clear first choice for us.”


My family and I chose Old Park Meadow to hold my late brothers funeral service. It was without a doubt the right choice, both the chapel and grounds are beautiful, and brought a definite sense of calm and peace to the occasion. Delyse is a pleasure to deal with, and nothing was too much trouble for her. I would have no hesitation in recommending Old Park Meadow for any occasion. Thank you so much for making a difficult time a lot easier.


“Thank you Delyse for assisting us in making our small service for my Mum’s internment perfect, my Mum enjoyed nature of all aspects and all it’s beauty and oak park meadow is such a perfect place for her final resting place. I cant wait to see how things grow and change and Mum’s tree flourish in all its beauty and the wildlife that makes it there new home over the years as i visit my mum over the years to come with my family.”


“What a beautiful place, from the minute I drove down the drive I knew it was going to be nice, but when you get out of the car and see the stunning views and beautiful building it’s something else. Really tranquil and welcoming. Attention to detail is outstanding, well done to all those involved.”


“Truly Beautiful setting. Vast amount of memorial options at this gorgeous nature reserve. Very lovely welcoming and extremely helpful staff that made laying our amazing mummy to rest, much more bearable.”


“What a wonderful place – so peaceful and beautiful inside and out. A pleasure to meet Delyse and look forward to working with you in the future.”


“We have received so many lovely comments about Mum’s service on Tuesday – and everybody I spoke to commented on the beautiful setting. Thanks once again for your help in making it the wonderful tribute that Mum deserved.”


“A beautiful and tranquil place. I feel peaceful knowing mum is here. Delyse was incredibly thoughtful and supportive. I was touched by how she helped us include four very small grandchildren in a gentle, loving and practical way to help them say goodbye to Nana.”


“Thank you for yesterday. The burial ground is so beautiful and peaceful, it was a privilege to be able to lay dad to rest somewhere so pretty. Being able to hear the sheep in the background and knowing that some of dads younger years were in rural Yorkshire (very much sheep country) was lovely and emphasised the peace of the setting. And so in keeping with his wishes to return to nature in death. It’s comforting to know he would have loved the site, we can imagine him off sunbathing in the long grass.”

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