A natural burial, sometimes known as a woodland burial or a green burial, is a way for us to manage the end of our lives in a positive way. Woodland and meadow burial is a practice that has gone on for centuries and is today enjoying a revival. It allows us to choose where our ultimate resting place will be and by choosing Old Park Meadow Natural Burial Ground, you can have peace of mind that you will rest in scenic surroundings forever connected to nature, where family and friends can return and see the landscape grow with each passing year.

Environmental Impact of a Natural Burial

A natural burial allows us to minimise our eventual impact on the environment by committing the body to rest in natural materials that will biodegrade and leave no harmful substances behind. At Old Park Meadow we care deeply about the environment. It is the objective of our natural burial ground to establish beautiful meadows and woodland, which in turn create a variety of safe, natural habitats for plants and wildlife, using traditional, balanced land management techniques.

Encouraging the Local Eco-System

We have been working with the local council, Woodland Trust and Essex Wildlife Trust to ensure we create an environment that is long-lasting and suitable to the indigenous flora and fauna. We have a variety of bird boxes including two nesting boxes for barn owls, along with hedgehog and bat boxes, a pond and an array of wildflowers and trees that encourage other wildlife to flourish. This is a long-term project, and as such the natural environment we create here should stand the test of time too.

We are here to Help

Choosing how you manage the end of life process is a difficult decision, that is why at Old Park Meadow we are always on hand to advise and assist you in a caring way. Our experienced team can help you find the information you need about the options available during this time.

Click here to find out more about our pricing, which we make as clear as possible to help you make a fully informed decision.