Reserve a Plot

Old Park Meadow is open to anyone from anywhere, regardless of your beliefs.  Reserving a plot in advance makes carrying out your wishes when the time comes that much simpler. It is easy to reserve a grave or an ashes plot with us. Old Park Meadow offers plots in a variety of locations across our natural burial site, in one of our young woodlands, in one of our flower meadows or with a view of our scenic lake. We have single depth burial plots and ash interment plots available in all locations. The prices for plots vary depending on location, click here or speak to one of our staff to find out more about reserving your plot.

Companion and family burial plots

Many couples and families choose to purchase adjacent plots so that they can be close to their loved one in their final resting places within this beautiful setting. This option is available in all locations throughout our natural burial site. Please ask our staff for more details.

When reserving a plot is not possible

Unfortunately, we can’t always be prepared for the future. Our experienced staff are here to help assist you in making plans for immediate burial.

Old Park Meadow Natural Burial Ground is open to anyone

Whether you live in the area or come from afar for your final resting place our prices are the same for all and there are no maintenance charges to pay now or in the future.

Why not come along and visit Old Park Meadow, take a stroll around our beautiful site, share a cup of tea with us and choose a location. If you cannot visit us personally we can talk you through the process and reserve a plot on your behalf. Call us on 01245 806332 or email

Please note that payment is required in full before an interment can take place.